Best Oil Filter for Subaru – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide


Similar to every filter, a fuel filter requires to be switched frequently also to make sure oil is being appropriately clear up.

In any case, if your fuel filter is in line for upgrading or replacing, check out our preferences for the best oil filters for Subaru down here.

In that article, we’ll have a look at the best Subaru oil filters you may purchase and why buying a great class oil filter is vital.

best oil filter for subaruBeforehand you hit off the “add to cart†key on one of these models, make sure you’re receiving the correct oil filter for your vehicle by examining the vehicle adornment.

Fuel filters are not universal, so you would need to make sure the product you’re buying well fits your engine.

Best Oil Filters for Subaru 2021

It is said, which is the best oil filter?  And how do you discover the top vehicle fuel filter out of the plentiful choices on the market? And, of course, who makes Subaru oil filters?

Our oil filter list responds to all of these queries and assists you to choose the oil filter which outfits both your vehicle and your financial plan.

1) Genuine Subaru 15208AA15A Oil Filter

Similar to the Toyota Genuine Parts 90915-YZZF2 Fuel Filter of number 3, the Genuine Subaru 15208AA15A Fuel Filter is also an OEM means of transportation fragment.15208AA15A subaru oil filter

It means that this oil filter is exactly intended for the use of the transport which arrives with that. As before indicated, you don’t have to burden about selecting to purchase an OEM part, as fanciful creation quality, as well as car fitting, are commonly surefire.

Once more, bearing in mind that this fuel filter is beneath the OEM transport parts, it’s previously delivered that this fuel filter would do a good job in dangling undesirable materials that arrive with the fuel flowing inside the engine of your vehicle.

Excellent Presentation

It is articulated exclusively to grip the low-friction enterprise of SUBARU engine, planned for excellent presentation in a varied sort of functioning situations.

Moreover, its advanced formula bears a difficult and protracted engine process.

  • Struggles gluiness and warm air failure at high temperatures
  • Defends the interior parts of engine
  • Outstanding safety against mud, rust and security formation
  • Brilliant anti-wear safety
  • No problems





2) Genuine Subaru 15208AA170 Oil Filter

Prepared with the highest quality mechanisms, that is your low-priced additional choice for your reconstruction, reparation, and upkeep requirements.

15208AA170 best oil filter for subaruWhile you choose an honest Subaru OEM oil filter “ you may trust the great quality and efficiency of the produce and trademark without thinking to estimate if the invention would work in order with your car.

Guarding your asset is significant and selecting the correct parts might be puzzling. Twig with what you recognize and select an honest OEM part.

Rally Sport Direct self-importantly transports an abundant collection of OEM Fuel Filters for those of you who desire to use a tested and confirmed factory produce while carrying out the upkeep.

At this point, you are beholding the Subaru OEM Fuel Filter. That is the similar fuel filter that arrives with your car out of the manufacturing works (where related).

If you do your own fuel changes then it makes for an outstanding choice.


  • Honest Subaru OEM component
  • Suggested for standby with each oil change
  • Offers best oil purification
  • Sold independently
  • Not any





3) Genuine Subaru 15208AA12A Oil Filter

This Genuine Subaru model is presented at a low amount from other retailers who might not deliver free Main conveyance.

It has an honest OEM factory part and offers exact fitting in your vehicle. It is durable and the best in quality. Moreover, it is not an aftermarket part.


  • Exact fitting
  • Durable
  • Best in quality
  • Not an aftermarket part
  • Expensive





4) Genuine Subaru 15208AA031 Oil Filter

This Subaru model is made with the highest quality mechanisms; it is your cheap changing selection for your reconstruction, mending, and upkeep requirements.

best oil filter for subaruWhile you choose a genuine OEM part – you might depend on the great class and efficacy of the produce and trademark without going to predict if the artifact would labour in order with your transport.

Caring for your asset is vital and selecting the correct fragments might be perplexing. Twig with what you identify and pick a genuine OEM part.

  • Highest quality mechanisms
  • Not expensive
  • Bestsellers rank
  • Dependability
  • No problems





5) Genuine Subaru 38325AA032 ATF Filter

Your car merits merely genuine OEM Subaru fragments and fittings. To make sure of dependability, buy Subaru 38325AA032 FILTER. It is occasionally brought up as a Subaru ATF filter.

best oil filter for subaruThe Subaru fragments and fittings are accelerated straight from official Subaru traders deliberately positioned all crossways the U.S. and are supported by the maker’s 1 year, 12,000-mile warranty.

OEM Subaru fragments are the finest for reestablishing your transport to workshop form presentation. That part fits the exact Subaru Legacy, Forester, Impreza, models.

Inexpensive, dependable as well as constructed to last, Subaru 38325AA032 ATF FILTER positions out as the clever option. Subaru Shares Deal is your major operational cause with the prime and finest choice of honest Subaru fragments and fittings at huge reduced prices.

  • Steadfast Service
  • Lowermost Price
  • Finest deals on genuine OE portions
  • Quick Delivery
  • Orders are treated and distributed
  • Not any




Why Should We Select Genuine Subaru Fuel?

  • It decreases wear and wash interior mechanisms to enhance engine lifetime and uphold the best oil economy.
  • Also articulated with an exclusive mixture of extracts, cleaners, and transformers and is definite for the lubrication requirements of the SUBARU engine.
  • Every lot of Genuine Subaru Oil is tested in Lab through 10 plus dissimilar conducts in order to certify quality.
  • Subaru oil filters defend inner engine fragments among oil changes more effectively than most principal aftermarket products of oil.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do Subaru engines fail?

The Subaru engine failing is apparently produced by a subpar linking bar and behaviours which initiate to crumble and shack metal inside the engine.

As the fuel converts polluted, the engine activates to agonize, with holders reporting bashing and trembling.


How long do Subaru engines last?

How Many Miles may I have out of Subaru? Though outcomes would differ and the large variable is continuously how fine the vehicle has been upheld, what I may say you is the Subaru is skillful of travelling up to 300,000 miles.

Moreover, if you are consistently looking after the kind of owner you must anticipate acquiring this kind of mileage from it.



Final Thoughts

As our finest oil filter choice, we prefer the Genuine Subaru 15208AA15A Oil Filter with good performance. This qualified engine fuel filter has a rational price and top-class purification competencies.

The compression release regulators sustain the oil stream into the engine even in unkind weather.


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