Best oil Filter for Duramax Diesel Engines [Review] In 2021 – 6 Finest Products


best oil filter for duramax diesel enginesDuramax filters are exceptionally influential as well as powerful, and powerful engines necessitate the finest oil maintenance in the world.

Ever since Duramax engines are too powerful and transport having this type of engines are normally put into practice for a long road. So, a long-lasting oil filter is always suggested. Just try to get a filter that would work for more than 10,000 miles.

Best Oil Filter for Duramax Diesel Engines

Obviously, not only do you require the finest diesel oil available on the market and of course to alter it frequently, you would require the best filters as well.

Which is the top oil filter for Duramax diesel engines? Well, just have a look.


1) ACDelco PF2232 Oil Filter

ACDelco PF2232

AC Delco Duramax fuel filter is manufactured to encounter prospects for method, acceptability, and purpose. It might also surpass one’s anticipations and astonish you.


First Quality Oil Filter

This first quality and certified pf2232 oil filter Duramax guarantees that unsoiled oil is provided and recycled in the engine and its gears.

Using this proficient oil filter and the dutiful looking after routine, your Duramax engine would permanently work at its best.

Cleaning even at High Temperature

It is trusted that this fuel filter would continue dusting your engine fuel even at high temperatures.

Consistent Filtration

Using bran means in the oil filter, efficiently traps pollutants. To make sure of steadfast and secure filtration, it has a thermosetting bonding agent that grips the purifying means in place.

Enhanced Durability

For greater permanency and even though weighing up merely 1.25 lbs, the burst power is 5 times bigger than most, later it has touched definite functioning temperatures.

Enhanced Efficiency

Moreover, for brilliant filtration, it is prepared with a 98% multi-pass purifying frequency at 25 to 30 microns. Competence is boosted and there is regularity in flowing administration and very much long-lasting design.

Best for all Vehicles

Having 97% presentation exposure, this fuel filter is perfect for all carriages, light-duty buses and even SUVs whether they are foreign or domestic.

Furthermore, the sparkly shade on the outer part of this fuel filter safeguards it from probable rusting.

  • Bran filtration means
  • 98% Multi-Pass Filtration
  • A strong thermosetting bonding agent
  • Five times better rupture power
  • Regular stream management
  • Extraordinary filtration presentation
  • Small elements would still succeed to become through.


2) Baldwin B1441 Oil Filter

Baldwin B1441To be guaranteed that your motor vehicle is reliable, you must have to protect the finest parts for it and the aftermarket parts also. You should not neglect this top-notch as well as spin-on fuel filter that is the top-rated oil filter for Duramax Diesel engines.

Spin-on Oil Filter

Spin-on fuel filters ensure that the fuel and filter canals do not remain vacant while the engine is twisted off and the fuel is presented once the engine is turned on again.

Exceptionally Durable

This fuel filter is outstandingly long-lasting and has the capability to endure risky grounds and weather conditions.

Protection from Pollutants

It is manufactured to protect the engine from impurities which could possibly create destruction to the engine as well as its most delicate mechanisms.

Improves Performance

Moreover, there is a seal among the filter and engine of the rising surface which offers an external closure. This intention develops the presentation and grace of transport.

Weight and Measurement

Its weight is merely 1 pound and measures 5-5/16. Apart from the micron ranking of 23, it has also some usual gears like the nitrile rubber as well as a steely end cap.

Metallic Sidestep Tap

Amusingly, in order to permit constant passing through while the filter approaches the capacity, it comprises a strong spring-loaded metallic sidestep tap.

  • comprises an anti-drain rear tap
  • Has a seal
  • 23 Micron ranking
  • Lube Spin-on filter strategy
  • Strand size of Motorized filter is 13/16
  • Not any


3) Purolator BOSS PBL10241

“Supreme Engine Protection Oil Filter”

PBL10241Purolator BOSS superior fuel filters are considered as the next generation in the fuel purification group for the delivery of supreme engine safety for up to 15,000 miles.

In the case of this fuel filter, it is mentioned that the oil filter can work up to 15,000 miles, however, it is recommended not to approach this point with Duramax diesel engines.

Purolator BOSS fuel filter is one of the best oil filters for Duramax Diesel engine which you may discover for the top performance of your vehicle.

Smart Fusion Technology

Purolator BOSS absolutely comprises the feature of SmartFUSION Technology which is a complete synthetic filter means with strengthened polymer network assistance for 99% plus Dirt Deduction Power.

Exclusive Functions

Fixed up to exclusively function with all types of oil as well as stickiness, particularly complete synthetic oil, PurolatorBOSS is best for the maximum challenging driving circumstances.

Moreover, it works well in all situations comprising regular dragging and carrying, halt and go transportation, longer travels, longer staying durations and in dangerous weather conditions.

Rocky Interior Structure

Its rocky interior structure resists wear and high distance with a long-lasting toughen exterior and an advanced dual coil, high-flow middle pipe to double the power of customarily designed midpoint pipes.

A perfect mishmash of steel and metal proves it very long-lasting in all conditions.

BOSS Steel Exterior delivers constancy for better confrontation in contrast to dangerous compression when metallic end-caps improve permanency.

Latest Filter Technology

Broadly presented for most means of transportation on the road now a day, PurolatorBOSS joins the up-to-date filter expertise for long-term safeguard and progressive engine presentation.

Silicone anti-drain Back Tap

It comprises a Silicone tap which stops drain-back and the fuel passes through your engine perfectly and it is vital for long life and protection of your engine.

PuroSEAL Ring

The PuroSeal ring which is made with ethylene-acrylic is necessary for excellent leakage defence as well as life expectations.

Lowly artifact set may be scratched if not transported carefully.

  • 99% dirt deduction power
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • The product might be scratched if not carried carefully


4) Mobil 1 M1-303 Oil Filter

Mobil 1 M1-303AIn order to acquire the finest presentation from the engine of your vehicle is to be assured that the fuel filters work above and beyond.

Be assured that you select an oil filter that may exceed the excellence, presentation, acceptability and occupation of any OEM filter.

Multi-Pass Competence

The Multi-Pass Competence ranking of the Mobil 1 oil filter is up to 99.6%. It means that it has the capability to eliminate damaging pollutants before they approach the most energetic as well as delicate components of the engine.

Weight of Oil Filter

Having 1.2 pounds of weight, this fuel filter offers 28 grams complete aptitude to hold dust, which is dual than the standard.

The container of Oil Filter

Furthermore, the container of this oil filter is durable, strong, and might tolerate up to 9X usual compression of the fuel functioning system. That is with the exceptional defence of up to 615 pascals for each inch of the square.

Sidestep Regulator Structure

With the original sidestep regulator structure, there is a certain fuel stream in periods of stress flows and cold starts. The greased and finest filter seal offers a close-fitting seal.

That seal guarantees relaxed as well as hassle-free elimination. An enriched nitrile seal also supports with leakage hindrance.

Maximum Cleaning Power

Improved technology is used for synthetic stuff filter components to get maximum cleaning power. Any vehicle owner will welcome having this best oil filter for the Duramax engine, so, have a minute to check it out.

  • Capability to clasp a whole of 28 grams of pollutants
  • Can resist 9 times the standard force
  • Six % Multi-Pass Competence ranking
  • Improved synthetic stuff combination media
  • Suitable to be used for any motor oil
  • Silicone anti-drain rear tap to stop dry starts during the closing
  • No issues at all


5) WIX (57202XP)

“Spin-on Lube Filter”

wix 57202XPThe vehicle owners must comprehend that each slice of the engine would require unsoiled oil to ensure that it is at its greatest performance. Also, they would realize how essential it is for a fuel filter to function fine with the oil.

Improved Durability

Planned and manufactured for the toughest circumstances, elevated temperatures, and weighty loads; this Duramax oil filter Wix is prepared for enhanced durability.

This filter gives ideal defence in prolonged mileage and synthetic fuel.

More Powerful than Other Products

The WIX Lube filters make sure that extra dust is blocked, and it may keep filtering extended than other products might.

These first-class fuel filters comprise a durable and total metallic base that avoids leaking while driven in risky situations. The HNBR seal also offers an exceptional closure throughout cold starts.

Glass-enhanced Media

Moreover, the glass-enhanced media advances the capacity of the filter to grip dust which can harm the engine and could resist severe situations as well as risky fuel temperatures.

100% Proficiency

Having 100% proficiency in catching contaminations, guarantees timely struggling for the reason of the failure of the oil. It is great for OEM filter and oil alteration pauses that range from 3,750 – 10,000 miles.

Silicone Back Valve

Moreover, the silicone back valve functions as a safeguard in contradiction of the desiccated start past the customary intermission for altering oil.

  • Strong engine security for dangerous driving situations
  • Blocks up to 100% more dust and pollutants
  • HNBR excellent seal
  • Anti-Drain rear tap
  • 99% proficient at 35 micros ranking
  • The seal can be leaked on cold startup



6) FRAM(XG3614)

“Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter”

xg 3616 best oil filter for duramax oil filtersAnother the best oil filter for the Duramax engine is FRAM Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter.

More Long Term

It is a bit more long-term than the former model having about 20,000 miles of expected filtration. Again, it is suggested not to approach the boundary, since the Duramax is pretty powerful.

However, it is surprising to travel 15,000 to 20,000 per filtration.

Works with Synthetic Oil

Reading the name you may determine that this oil filter works with complete synthetic oil that is most likely the finest for diesel engines.

99 % Dust Deduction

Its competence places about 99% of dust subtraction at 20 microns and more, which makes it one of the good filters as well.

Easy to Change

One of the advantages of this oil filter is that it is too easy to change. In fact, you may do it by yourself.

  • 15000 to 20000 miles per filter
  • 99% dust deletion
  • Easy to change
  • More long term
  • Durability is of doubtful value, be careful how you use it.



While you purchase a vehicle, it is not just to drive it. You must have to take decent care of it so that it might function its purpose best.

 As the engine of your vehicle is unprotected from situations that might be problematic at times, it is a necessity to keep an eye on the oil and filter alteration timetable regularly.

Oil is required to be changed every 10,000 miles or when the cluster display tells you. If you have a Duramax that is frequently used for towing, idling, or in extreme weather, it would need the best Duramax oil filter.

And for these motives, we have compiled a few of the best oil filters for Duramax engines here. Understanding what oil filter to use for the motor vehicle is the key knowledge of how to take good care of it.

Oil filters safeguard the engine and surely make it work at the finest performance. Purchasing an oil filter of high quality you make sure that your engine works clean.



Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does an Oil Filter do?

The engine, as well as all of the other stirring parts of your vehicle, has a need for lubrication consuming motor oil. In the procedure of the engine using the lubricant, it also would require to trap off the pollutants which could disturb the performance of the vehicle.

The purpose of the filter is to eliminate any rubbish, metallic parts, and soil that might have approached the oil.


2) When should I change my oil filter?

Many of the expert drivers are likely to acclaim the fuel as well as fuel filter to be altered at a harmless approximation of 7,500 to 10,000 miles. There are the 3 warnings of when to revise it;

  • Alter your fuel filter every period you alter your vehicle’s oil
  • While the light of the service engine is off
  • While being focused on risky grounds and situations


3) Why does an oil filter require regular replacement?

The purification means that are liable for blocking pollutants would become more and more blocked with nonstop practice. Once a prolonged time of no change in the oil filter and pollution, the movement level of the fuel running through the filter as well as into the engine will drop.


4) How do I know when to replace the oil?

Your switch panel comprises a ‘check oil’ light which should be turned on while anything goes incorrect. One more safe method is to see your fuel measuring stick.

That procedure must be done frequently, once every 1000 miles. The measuring stick would display whether the fuel is still fresh and how much fuel is remaining.


5) Which are the signs to watch out for while there is a bad fuel filter?

Even while fuel filters are transformed every oil change, you must still need to be on the viewpoint for signs when it is essential to replace.

  • The high temperature of the engine
  • Decreased or absent speeding up
  • Filthy vapours coming out of the drain
  • Low pressure of oil
  • Crushing metallic sounds


6) Are premium oil filters worth it?

A blocked fuel filter might create severe problems. However, if you are using uninspired oil and facing repeated oil changes. Just don’t fear it very much.

It depends on how much you like your vehicle and if you think that an additional few cents on each 5 to 7,000 miles are ok to spend for the finest quality filter.


7) Do oil filter brands matter?

Oil filter brands commonly manufacture numerous ranks of filters; good, better and the best. If you are using mineral oil and alter it and your filter is on a timetable, you don’t require spending more for an improved filter.

However, if you are using an artificial oil or plan to go slower among oil changes, purchase a top-quality name brand filter.


8) What happens if you change the oil but no filters?

The engine of your vehicle needs a fantastic capacity for clean oil to function appropriately. If the fuel filter is not altered from time to time, the filter might convert harshly blocked, decreasing the capacity of oil flowing through the filter as well as into your engine.

The absence of this oil might influence your engine with severe damage.


An oil filter is a vital part of the system of your transport just like the battery of your car and it supports to make it performing in ultimate condition.

As they are bound to wear, fuel filters demand to be substituted from time to time. Many of the vehicle specialists suggest changing the oil filter every time you get an oil change or around every 3 to 6 months.

All the transports including your Duramax, securely bring the driver as well as travellers from one destination to another.

 It is the responsibility of the driver or the owner of the vehicle to make sure that it is in the finest shape as well as able to offer a perfect presentation.

 Duramax diesel engines have the finest superiority; moreover, it will be a misfortune if anything occurred to it only because you were unconcerned.

Purchase one of the oil filters mentioned above which would absolutely preserve your engine well. Take care of your vehicle regularly


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