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We are offering you the best oil filters with the finest features and High-Quality standards like perfect seals, increased dirt-collecting ability, and the capacity to hold more engine-harming particles for your automotive like cars, trucks, and jeeps with discount.

Best Oil Filter

Along with reviews, consumer reports, ratings, and a comprehensive guide about all the specifications of the best kinds of oil filters. And diving into the pros and cons of durable and reliable best auto oil filters available on the market, which can provide high performance even under extreme weather and road conditions.


Just Imagine!

If the engine oil filter is not working correctly, it will make oil filthy. So the engine will never be able to perform efficiently ever. Consequently, it will cause a shorter life span of the engine.



Mobil 1 M1-110

Mobil 1 M1-110A

  • Premium FILTECH Oil Filter
  • Easy to fit
  • Better surface area


Mobil 1 M1-110

Mobil 1 M1-110A

  • Synthetic blend media
  • Long-lasting
  • Budget friendly


Motorcraft FL-500s

best oil filter

  • Factory recommended
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy replacement


Best Oil Filters 2020

Who makes the best oil filter in the world to buy?  This is the first question that comes to our mind when we search about oil filters.

We are providing answers to this most common question after making complete research on the long-lasting and best-rated oil filters for your cars, trucks, racing cars, and dirt-bikes in 2020 that can also fit into your budget.

After taking personal reviews of consumers and professional experts, we have made an ultimate list of top-rated oil filters 2020. It will guide you that which auto oil filter is good for your gas or diesel engine.

Oil FiltersRatingPrice
Bosch 3974 FILTECH Oil Filter★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Bosch 3330 FILTECH Oil Filter★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Mann-Filter HU 816 X Metal-Free Oil Filter★ ★ ★ ★
Motorcraft FL-2016 Oil Filter★ ★ ★ ★
Mobil 1 M1-110A Oil Filter★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter★ ★ ★ ★
ACDelco TP3018 Fuel Filter with Seals★ ★ ★ ★
Motorcraft FL-500S★ ★ ★ ★ ★


1-Bosch 3974

“Premium FILTECH Oil Filter”

Bosch3974 is equipped with exclusive Filtech media technology. This technology delivers better engine protection with 99% filtration efficiency by screening out more damaging particles.

Furthermore, the other strong point of this model is its durability because of its sturdy frame. It is best for conventional oil. This product satisfies all OEM (original equipment manufacturers) requirements indeed.

Bosch 3974


  • Filtech media technology is used.
  • It provides 99% filtration efficiency. It can hold up to 14g of contaminated particles.
  • The main body is made up of durable steel.
  • A blend of 2 different Media is used as filtration media.
  • It is equipped with a high lubricity gasket, Silicone anti-drain-back valve, and Relief valve.
  • It Fulfills all OEM requirements.

Filtech Media Technology

Bosch3974 screens more harmful particles to provide better protection to the motor or small engine. In this technology, the combination of 2 different materials (natural and synthetic materials that can hold up to 14g of dirt and other particles) is used to offer purification with 99% efficiency.


When we start the vehicle, a continuous supply of pure oil is ensured by Silicone anti-drain-back valve.

The Relief valve provides the proper flow of oil.


This filter offers a tight seal because of its high lubricity durable gasket design.

Moreover, the casing and base are made up of durable steel, avoids poor fitting and leakages. Also, End caps stop stocked dirt particles from reaching back to the engine.


  • Model                                     3974
  • Weight                                   6.4 ounces
  • Dimensions                          2.9×2.9×3.3″
  • Exterior                                 Chrome
  • Durable
  • Easy to fit
  • Better surface area
  • Not suitable for Hyundai Elantra





2-Bosch 3330

“Premium FILTECH Oil Filter”

BOSCH 3330 provides better engine protection by using exclusive premium FILTECH media technology with 99% efficiency.

Also, it is equipped with a mixture of natural and synthetic materials to provide high performance and extended life oil filter. Consequently, it meets all OEM requirements.BOSCH 3330


  • Bosch3330 is equipped with FILTECH media technology.
  • It has a 42% larger filtering area.
  • Has 30% thicker filtering media.
  • Can hold up to 14 grams of dust particles with 99% efficiency


It is fitted with FILTECH synthetic media, which provides a dual sheet of filtration.

Larger Surface Area

It is a heavy filter with a larger surface area. In other words, it is better than other competitors according to the size. The filtering area of the filter is 42 % larger as well as filtering media is approximately 30% thicker than other filters. For this reason, this can hold up to 14 grams of impurities with 99% efficiency.


When we start a car, A Silicone anti-drain back valve confirms the supply of filtered oil to protect against dry start, and a relief valve confirms the flow of oil properly.

Besides, a metal spiral-wound center tube provides internal strength.


Its exterior is made up of chrome and the base is made up of strong steel.


  • Brand                            Bosch
  • Model                            3330
  • Weight                          8.6 ounces
  • Dimensions                 3.7×3.2×3.2″
  • Exterior                        Chrome
  • Reasonable price
  • Bigger in size to hold more junk
  • Protects against the dry start
  • NOT for synthetic oil
  • Cellulose paper on the filter element



3-Mann-Filter HU 816 X

“Metal-Free Oil Filter”

This filter provides the best protection for the engine consistently and works for a long time without changing it. It the highest quality filter that performs equally to the BMW and Honda OEM filters.

Indeed, this filter is the best choice for those engines you can buy which require metal free oil filters.Mann-Filter HU 816


  • Rust free spin-on filter housing.
  • Durable filter media and seal rings
  • High separation efficiency even under intense conditions.
  • Larger surface area.
  • Outstanding dirt holding capacity.
  • Quick replacement with readily available tools.

Pleated Paper Filter Media

Its Pleated paper filter media and unique structure permit the entire filter surface area to operate for the whole of the working period.

Better Capacity

The filter offers high dirt holding capacity due to its more significant surface area.


Mann-Filter components are made of a non-metal material. For this reason, they do not produce ash when disposed of in a combustion process.

Moreover, it is equipped with silicone return line barrier membrane and PTFE-Coated bypass valves


  • Brand                               Mann filter
  • Item Weight                   2.4 ounces
  • Dimensions                    3.1 x 3.1 x 3.4″
  • Folding                            NO
  • Larger surface area
  • Better capacity
  • Long life
  • Very easy replacement
  • Little bit expensive
  • Sometimes short in the stock



4-Motorcraft FL-2016

“Special Filter for Diesel-powered engines”

Motorcraft FL 2016 is specially designed for the diesel-powered engines of cars, jeeps, trucks, and marine automotive, which helps to filter contaminated particles such as sand, dust, carbon, and bits of the metal. Its the best flow rate oil filter.

Moreover, it fulfills all standards of Ford and recommended as OEM for Mercury, Ford, and Lincoln by Ford Motor Company.Motorcraft FL 2016


  • Works efficiently in extremely cold conditions even if the filter gets clogged.
  • Accurate fitting.
  • The exterior is painted to avoid rusting.
  • Equipped with anti-drain back valve and pressure-relief valve

Diesel-Powered Engines

Motorcraft 2016 is particularly engineered for diesel-powered engines of cars and trucks with extraordinary filtering media.

Cold Conditions

It is the best heating oil filter. To avoid contaminants from recirculating to the engine, it is provided with a pressure-relief valve. It helps to continue the supply of oil even in extremely cold circumstances or even when the filter gets clogged.

Aging Effect

The anti-drain back valve avoids dry starts and reduces the aging effect caused by the high heat of the engine.


The exterior is made of steel, “ironed†for an accurate fit, and is painted to resist from corrosion.


  • Brand                           Motorcraft
  • Model                           FL-2016
  • Weight                          4.8 ounces
  • Dimensions                 1.4 x 1.1 x 0.8″
  • Recommended by Ford
  • Can work in cold conditions too
  • Acurate fitting
  • One of the most expensive filters



5-Mobil 1 M1 110

“Extended Performance Oil Filter”

Mobil 1 is one of the most famous brands in the market. Their M1-110 is their finest product with very less required maintenance and long-life performance.

Most importantly, it removes pollutants competently from gas engines because it is fitted with synthetic fiber blend media.Mobil 1 M1-110A oil filter


  • Long-life performance
  • Have synthetic fiber blend media
  • Better capacity
  • Prevents dry starts

Better Efficiency

It removes contaminants perfectly with a 99.6% Multi-Pass Efficiency Rating with the help of synthetic fibre blend media.

28g Capacity

The capacity of this oil filter to hold contaminants is 28.0 grams of total capacity, which is twice than of others.

Equally important, by using a silicone anti-drain back valve, it prevents the engine from a dry start.

High Pressure

It is designed to bear high operating pressure up to 615PSI without losing its filtration efficiency, which is 9 times greater than other competitors.

Furthermore, this filter uses a composite filter material protected with metallic end caps.


  • Model number                     M1-110
  • Item Weight                         4.8 ounces
  • Dimension                            4.0×4.0×4.0″
  • Part number                        M1-110
  • Have synthetic blend media
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Budget friendly
  • Very small filter for a big SUV




6-Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter

“Filters With High-Quality Standards”

The Motorcraft oil filter is designed to meet the high-quality standards with the latest technology. It is the best inexpensive oil filter in the market that filters the impurities up to the micron level.

Ford recommends them as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln model cars. In conclusion, they work perfectly to keep your engine in a good physical state.Motorcraft FL-820-S oil filter


  • Available at a meagre price.
  • Long-lasting because the case is made up of Iron and painted steel.
  • Have Pressure Relief Valve and Anti-Drain Back Valve

Better Capacity

Its capable filter media have enough capacity to capture all dust, sand, and bits of metal.

Easy Installation

It is designed to be installed very easily. It will fit and stay in the exact place perfectly.


This oil filter is equipped with a pressure-relief valve. It helps to stop the re-circulation of dirty oil in the engine and reduces the chances of the aging effects. It also helps to work in extremely cold conditions or even when the filter gets clogged.


Its exterior is made of Iron and painted steel, which gives protection against rust and makes it long-lasting. As a result, it can bear the high temperature of the engine.


  • Brand                               Motorcraft
  • Model                               FL-820-S
  • Dimensions                     3.9×4×4″
  • Weight                              14.4 ounce
  • Cheapest in the market
  • Rust-resistant
  • Fulfills OEM standards
  • It does not fit 2011 crown Vic.




7-ACDelco TP3018

“Professional Fuel Filter with Seals”

Ac Delco delivers high quality and excellent products in the market. This filter secures our engine and provides a high flow of oil capably from contaminated particles like sand, dirt, rust, and carbon particles.

ACDelco TP3018


  • ACDelco TP3018 comes with seals.
  • It improves engine performance for very high mileage.
  • Protects the fuel system from contaminants.
  • Perfect in working and fitting.

It is placed in the fuel line of the engine, this is how it saves oil from contaminants before they enter the engine and provide a smooth drive. Furthermore, this is designed perfectly according to user requirements to use with a gasoline engine.

O Rings(Seals)

AC Delco TP3018 is one of the best options to buy and comes with the O Rings(seals).


  • Brand                             ACDelco
  • Model                             TP3018
  • Dimensions                   6.8 x 4.7 x 4.7″
  • Exterior                          Polished
  • Perfect seals
  • Perfect fit, form, and function
  • Comes with O rings
  • A bit expensive






8) Motorcraft FL-500S

“Original Version Oil Filter”

Here is the original version oil filter by Motorcraft. It a very long-lasting, trustable, and efficient oil filter because of its perfect manufacturing. Moreover, it keeps the engine oil clean by filtering the particles like dust, carbon, sand, and metal particles before mixing up with the oil and going in the engine. Its unique design helps stop the leakage of oil from the engine when it is not in working condition. Furthermore, it has a painted body to resist rusting.

best oil filterKey Features

  • Extensive and efficient filtering media
  • Have pressure relief valves
  • Steel cases are “ironed” for the perfect fitting
  • Resists the aging effect
  • Fluted to make removal very easy
  • Aging effect resistant

Filtering Media

Its large and efficient filtering media protects the engine from dust, sand, and other metal particles.

Pressure Relief Valve 

It reduces the risk of contaminated oil coming back into the engine. Also,

it ensures the supply of oil into the engine even in icy conditions.

Easy to use

Steel cases are “ironed” for the perfect fitting. As well as fluted to make the replacement very easy.


  • Brand                             Motorcraft
  • Model                             FL-500S
  • Dimensions                  3.2 x 3.3 x 4.1″
  • Item Weight                10.2 ounces
  • Factory recommended
  • Available in very reasonable price
  • It is effortless to replace it
  • Doesn’t fit in 2015 Impala and 09 Ford Flex






Here is the quality comparison of all top-rated auto oil filters.

PRODUCTEfficiencyDimensionsWeightFiltering Media
Bosch 397499%2.9 x 2.9 x 3.3 inches6.4 ouncesFiltech media technology
Bosch 333099%3.7 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches8.6 ouncesFILTECH media technology
Mann-Filter HU 816N/A3.1 x 3.1 x 3.4 inches2.4 ouncesPleated paper filter media
Motorcraft FL-2016N/A1.4 x 1.1 x 0.8 inches4.8 ouncesCellulose
Mobil1M1-110A99.6%4.0 x 4.0 x 4.0 inches4.8 ouncessynthetic fiber blend media
Motorcraft FL-820-SN/A3.9 × 4.0 × 4.0 inches14.4 ounceCellulose
ACDelco TP3018N/A6.8 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches8.6 ounceMicroglass
Motorcraft FL-500SN/A3.2 x 3.3 x 4.1 inches10.2 ounceCellulose

best oil filter

————— Oil Filter Buying Guide —————

What oil filter do I need? We all have thought at least once about this. Here is the answer to all questions.

To keep the vehicle healthy, you must be aware of the significance and connection of the oil filter to the engine oil. The engine oil has the most critical job in all automobiles like cars, light-duty trucks jeeps, trucks, and marine boats.

The car can never perform flawlessly without perfect oil filter because it protects and improves the efficiency of the engine by maintaining the quality of the oil. In truth, the best oil bypass filter plays a vital role in keeping the oil decontaminated to provide a smooth drive.

Primary Purpose

Its primary purpose is to avoid friction in all moving parts of the engine. For example, it is equally important in the engine as blood in our body. And oil filter works as a kidney to the vehicle.

With this purpose in mind, here is the comprehensive guide to inform you about this most essential object in the vehicle, which will help you to pick the best performance oil filter to keep its engine healthy.


Key Features To Consider Before You Buy An Oil Filter

We should keep these features in mind before selecting an oil filter.

things to consider before buying an oil filter


Capturing Efficiency 

The capturing efficiency determines the strength of the filter. Also, it tells about how competent a filter is in filtering the tiny particles. Moreover, The efficiency of the premium filter should be 95%.


The capacity of The Filter

The capacity of the filter mentions that as how much this filter can store captured partials without the need to replace it. It depends upon the media type and builds of the filter.

Theoretically, the longer filters in size may have a larger capacity. But usually, filters are constructed to have higher capacities. So we should not judge filters by their sizes.

Moreover, when it comes to capacity, almost all filters offer a capacity of more than 10 grams, which is quite enough. Also, it is possible to know about the capacity and best sizes of oil filters on the official website of the manufacturer.


Correct Size According to Your Vehicle

The manufacturers make the oil filters in different sizes and shapes to maintain the best flowing of oil in the engine through the engine. Before buying, you should make sure that the selected filter is perfect for your car, light truck, truck, or tractor according to its size.

Fortunately, now there are online services that can help you to determine which oil filter is appropriate for your engine.


Filtering Media Used In The Filter

Filter media is the real part that filters the oil inside the filter. It is made of synthetic, cellulose, or a blend of these.

In detail, Synthetic media usually have better filtering capacity. It can filter the smallest particles without affecting the flow of oil because it is made of polyester, glass, or nylon.

Comparatively, cellulose has a more reduced quality, so it is cheaper than synthetic media.

On the other hand, blend media is the best option both in budget and performance.


Mileage Range Of The Filter

Usually, manufacturers suggest changing the oil after every 3000 to 5000 miles. But if you are using high-grade premium filters, they can extend the mileage.

Furthermore, extended mileage filters are more expensive, but they can save your time of changing them again and again. So before buying, keep in mind that what mileage range is perfect for you under your budget.


Types Of The Filter

There are many types of car oil filters. Every model has unique features and is suitable only for the specific type. Moreover, you should consult the owner manual of your vehicle to know which oil filter type your car requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top 5 oil filter on the market?

Below is the list best oil filters in the market today

  • Motorcraft FL-2016
  • Bosch 3974 FILTECH Oil Filter
  • FRAM XG7317
  • Bosch 3330
  • Mann-Filter HU 816 X


Do oil filters make a difference?

Many people think that all oil filters are the same. The only difference in them is the price.

But manufacturers use different filter media in different filters, which matters a lot.so we can say that filtering media makes a big difference among all oil filters.


What oil filter is best for synthetic oil?

Best oil filters for synthetic oil

  • Purolator Boss Oil Filter
  • FRAM Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter
  • Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filter
  • Bosch Premium FILTECH Oil Filter
  • WIX XP Lube Filter


How do I know which oil filter to buy?

Keep following things in mind before purchasing an oil filter

  • Capturing Efficiency
  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Filtering Media
  • Mileage Range
  • Types



Types of Oil Filters

There are many types of engine oil filters available, but their main job is the same, which is to keep the engine healthy by saving engine oil from impure particles.

Below is the list of all types of oil filters which will help to choose the best product for your vehicle.

Primary/ Full-Flow Oil Filter

In this type of filter, every drop of oil passes through the filter. The oil-pump pushes the oil to all parts of the engine. It comes at the bottom due to the gravity then the oil pump-passes all the oil at the top to start the journey again through the oil filter. In conclusion, It is more useful in colder temperatures.

Secondary Oil Filter

We install these filters to support the primary oil filter. They can extend the life of your car’s motor oil and provide additional protection for the engine. These oil filters work on about 1% to 10% of the motor oil and clean it. These filters remove impurities that may have been missed by the primary filter.

Cartridge Oil Filter 

Best cartridge oil filters are a type of primary oil filter. They have no metal parts in many cases. This reason makes their recycling easier than others. There are many brands making cartridge oil filters for conventional and synthetic oils. Also, we can inspect them without removing them.

Spinner / Centrifugal Oil Filters

These filters use spinning motion to remove impurities and are known as best spin-on oil filters. Basically, they have two sections, a housing chamber, and a membrane. Furthermore, the base gasket is its most important component.

It works to prevent motor oil from leaking, but this is not durable. If you use this type of filter, you must keep visiting a mechanic for its inspection.

Conventional oil filters

These filters are types of secondary oil filter which use basic cellulose membranes. As they filter out tiny particles of impurities, they need to be replaced more frequently.

Thermal chamber oil filters

These oil filters work in 2 ways. Not only they remove impurities, but also they raise the temperature of the oil. In this way, they make contaminants burn off. But they have to use electricity for this purpose so consequently, they can increase the fuel consumption of the car.

Magnetic oil filters

We use these filters to remove metallic particles from engine oil and are useless for dust particles. We do not have to replace them often; just cleaning them regularly is enough.

Sedimentation Filters

This type of filter uses gravitational force to filter the impurities, which are more massive than the engine oil. It stores all the impure particles at the bottom of its container.


Required Tools To Change The Oil Filter

Oil filters are hand tighten, but the car will tighten them all the time when it is running.

We should keep one of the following best tools with us to remove and we also must learn about the best way to cut open an oil filter

      • Oil Filter Pliers
      • Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench
      • Rubber strap wrench
      • Shakily Universal Oil Filter Wrench
      • Two Way Auto-Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench
      • Small Oil Filter Swivel Wrench
      • Aluminum Cup Wrench
      • Oil filter cutter or any cutting tool ( in some cases )

Having a suitable tool with us can really help to take off the stuck oil filter. We also must have complete knowledge about the best way to get a stuck oil filter off. Furthermore, the sizes of these tools may vary according to the size of your filter.


The main purpose of the filter is to keep the oil clean. Always make sure to change the oil filter after every specific interval. Changing it is no more headache now, to do this job all you need is an oil pan, a new filter, and some oil.

how to change an oil filter

Step 1

Loosen the oil filter cap to help to drain out oil quicker.



Step 2

Remove the plug to drain the oil out.it can take 10-30 minutes.



Step 3

Turn the filter anti-clockwise with an oil filter wrench. We need a Removing tool only at the start. After that, you can screw it off by hand too.



Step 4

Add the new oil Filet. And you have done your job.


The market is full of many types of oil filters. They are different from others based on price, performance, sizes, and other aspects. If you are looking for a long-lasting and highest rated oil filter, definitely you will have to increase your budget. It can give you benefit for a long time. You should not keep in mind the price only but your requirements too.
Picking the right oil filter can make your drive smooth and comfortable. And it makes the engine healthy. You should give a lot of importance in choosing the high-quality oil filter for you that can also fit into your budget as well.


  • Always use an auto oil filter, which the Original Equipment manager recommends. And follow all their instructions and read the ratings before buying.
  • You will have to change oil filters more frequently if you drive a car in the dusty area.